2013-2014 Leadership Formation

Equipping Individuals to Influence their Communities for Good

 Bishop Desmond Tutu defined God’s dream as “a world shaped by God’s grace, touched by Christ’s love, and continually renewed by the Holy Spirit.”  We can make this dream more of a current reality by intentionally choosing our actions in the social contexts of our lives.

Whether in our families, at work, church committees or ministry groups, each of us always has the opportunity to take action that will increase wholeness and make more room for God’s renewing Spirit to move.

This year we are offering an opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills in being a transforming influence wherever life calls them.

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 What is it?

A 2-tracked (choose either one or both) leadership formation program designed to help individuals discern how God is calling them to make a difference in their world and develop skills to act as agents of change in their communities.

Track One:  Discerning God’s Call–Reflection on Scripture

This is a personal and online opportunity to deepen relationship with God and consider how to respond to the Spirit’s call in your life.

Beginning September 15, a weekly guide for reflection on Scripture will be posted on the web.  Daily readings with suggestions for reflection and journaling will be coordinated with the liturgical year.  The guides are built on a classic pattern of prayer and discernment originated by Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, as a means to help people better understand how God is calling them to act in the world.  Regular utilization of these reflection guides will likely lead you to experience:
♦ A deepening felt sense of relationship with Jesus.
♦ A deeper sense of being loved and called by God.
♦ A stronger desire to respond to God’s grace.
♦ A clearer sense of how you are called to serve God.
♦ A spiritual foundation for your leadership action in the world.

Anyone may access these guides and use them for reflection to deepen their personal walk with God.  (Preview introductory materials and early guides.)

A moderated blog will be maintained where people may post their experience in prayer and reflection, developing an online faith-sharing community where each person will find support on his or her unique journey.  Sharing spiritual experience with respectful and attentive others is one way to grow clearer about how God is leading us.  This online community will be moderated by an experienced spiritual director who will coach members to post and respond in ways that support mutual growth.  The community will be open to anyone but, to provide some measure of confidentiality, participants will be asked to join in order to access a password protected page.  While the community is open to all, we ask those who join to make some basic commitments:
1)  Reflection on the provided materials for at least 3 days each week.
2)  Regular posting on the blog in order to maintain connection with others in the online community.
3)  Willingness to observe guidelines for posting and to receive feedback from the moderator designed to enhance the group experience.

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 Track Two:  Community of Practice–Becoming an Intentional Influencer for Good

This consists of monthly evening meetings for 2 1/2 hours, beginning with a 4-hour retreat in September and continuing through May.  Additional, optional workshops may be offered.  We will form a community of practice where we learn and experiment with skills that will help us act as influential change agents.  This group will become a “learning laboratory” where leadership skills will be presented.  People will reflect on their actual experience in other groups, and practice skills with one another.

Curriculum will include such skills as creating space for difficult conversations, communication, facilitation, change management, and action-planning.  These will be taught in the context of discerning the “collective spirit” so that actions can be planned with a view toward helping the whole become more free to achieve its highest purpose.

Anyone who is actively engaged in some group where they hope to exercise influence for good (church, work, community) may join.  Participation requires:
1)­  Commitment to making attendance a priority.
2)  Engagement in reflection activities ( minimal homework) outside of the sessions.
3)  Willingness to be open and authentic with peers in a safe learning space and give and receive feedback that encourages personal growth.
Participation in Track One is highly recommended (particularly the individual reflection component).

Participants can expect to gain:
♦ Practical skills that will increase leadership competence at home, church and work.
♦ Increased confidence in managing complex group interactions.
♦ A more integrated life–linking spiritual awareness to everyday activities.

Group size will be limited to 24 participants.  If more are registered, consideration will be given to creating a second group.

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